Air Pressure Blog

Air Pressure is a collaborative project by Angus Carlyle and Rupert Cox. Begun in 2010, it involved two periods of field work in Narita, Japan to explore the heard world of one farming family whose organic holding is now encircled by an international airport. The project went on to become a CD, a touring film and a gallery installation. This blog documents, in its early posts, the ‘live’ process of recording, editing and thinking through the site and its complexities and then, in its more recent posts, the creative work that it inspired, and public responses to that. Air Pressure was only possible through the close involvement of Professor Kozo Hiramatsu throughout the years of its life. Air Pressure now becomes a place to talk about our new project in Okinawa, beginning with the sketch Cave Mouth, installed as part of the Staging Disorder exhibition and then shown at the Association of Social Anthropologists conference and then at Sound Studies, Art, Experience, Politics.

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